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This pulley fits a large amount of popular vehicles Including the Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger,  Dodge Caliber, Dodge Journey, Jeep Patriot and Jeep .  Many of these application are popular overseas as well and are great for export.


The Alternator Pulley generally goes on Mitsubishi alternators. Never replace a decoupler pulley with a solid one, your tensioners and belt will never forgive you. We also recommend again Chinese replacements. Yes it will cost you less but not when you factor in the 3 you will have to buy before you get one to last. You can get all the info here or by emailing America Engine CoEMAIL NOW

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P.S here are some alternator numbers it fitst
CHRYSLER: 04801323AB, 04801323AC, 04801323AD, 04801477AA, 04801490AA, 4801323AB, 4801323AC, 4801323AD, 4801477AA, 4801490AA
MITSUBISHI: A2TJ0481, A2TJ0481ZC, A2TX0281, A3TJ2581, A3TJ2581ZC

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I recently saw this video on youtube. The video is well made and addresses many of the most common problems in an easy to understand way. One of the best videos on the subject so far. You can find the pulleys mentioned in the video at American Engines Co or get a more advanced pulley changing kit (so you don’t need to use the screwdriver trick seen in the video) here

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This clip shows how extra pressure gets put your alternators tensioners when you do not use the correct replacement pulley. A solid pulley make get rid of that awful buzzing sound but will only temporarily fix your alternator problem.  Using the correct pulley is A LOT cheaper than buying a whole new alternator (which will happen if you ruin your tensioners as well)

The video use the Dodge Caliber as an example ( the pulley fits the Avenger, Sebring and others as well).  You can the pulley for that application at American Engines Co or by clicking HERE

There are special tools necessary for changing a Decoupler (ODP) or Clutch (OAP) pulley. What the tool does is basically stops the rotor from turning so that you can unlock the pulley and remove it.  People have successfully done this without the special tooling  (using a wrench or even a screwdriver). However, I have also heard plenty of horror stories about broken rotor shafts because they didn’t have the tooling. If you break the shaft on the rotor, your simple pulley change can get rather complicated.

Here is a picture of the full pulley removal tool kit


Most people do not need a full kit.  However, if you a professional or work on a lot of cars, it is not a bad idea. More and more alternators are coming with clutch or decoupler pulleys and almost every car will need at least one replacement pulley in its life.

If you do need a full kit you can buy it here

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This Alternator Pulley is made to fit Chevrolet Impala Police Car 3.9L 2006-2007 and Chevrolet Impala 3.9L(237) V6 2007-2008.

Seriously this Alternator Pulley is an American Revolution and you can find it at American Engines.

Imagine how awesome this alternator pulley must to be to run this car.

Seriously How awesome does this Alternator Pulley Look

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People often ask us why they need a decoupler or clutch pulley instead of just a conventional solid pulley. We generally try to explain it to them as clearly as possible, listing things such as the reduced pressure on the tensioners , longer lasting belts and quieter sound. We also will sometime try to show them a video. You can watch the watch the video here.

If you have a clutch or decoupler pulley on your vehicle, do not let a mechanic replace it with a solid pulley. It may work in the short term, but the long term affects it will have on your alternator will not be worth it.

You can always get a replacement pulley at an affordable price from American Engines

Not necessarily the strongest tools for the job. But you can see the basic idea. You can also see why you should not just use a wrench. You can easily break the rotor.

For clutch and decoupler pulleys go here

Lately, one of the most common problems we have been seeing is with the alternator for the Dodge Caliber, Avenger and Chrysler Sebring.
These are some of the original numbers for the unit if you need them:

CHRYSLER         04801323AB, 04801323AC, 04801323AD, 04801477AA, 04801490AA, 4801323AB, 4801323AC, 4801323AD, 4801477AA, 4801490AA
MITSUBISHI         A2TJ0481, A2TJ0481ZC, A2TX0281, A3TJ2581, A3TJ2581ZC
LESTER                 11228, 11231, 11440

This alternator really seems to tear through it’s decoupler pulley. When the decoupler pulley breaks you can usually hear it clearly. There are many video on youtube, such as this one, which document a bad pulley sound.

Often the dealer will tell you that they cannot change the pulley and that you need an entirely new alternator. This is very much not the case and can be a huge waste of time and money.  With the right tools changing a pulley is extremely simple.

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I have heard rumblings, throughout my time in the automotive industry, that seem to intimate that a busted alternator clutch pulley was a problem that has more bark than bite. That is to say that it sound much worse than it is as well as that it can be replaced by a solid pulley.

That is not the case, folks! Especially in your Audi and VolksWagen. For a sensitive part like this, you want the originally equipped component.  Here is some information about a part that may fit your Audi or VW.


62mm OD x 35.6mm W x 17mm Bore

6 Groove

Reference Numbers

INA 535 0041 10, F-231142, F-231142.01, F-231142.05, F-231142.08, F-231142.1
VALEO 2549858, 2604099, 2604510

Alternator Number

BOSCH 0-124-515-059, 0-124-525-009, 0-124-525-088, 0-124-615-009
VOLKSWAGEN 06B-903-016AB, 06B-903-016P, 06B-903-016Q

This specific part is manufactured in Germany and made to fit:

A4 QUATTRO 1.8L 2002-2006
A4 TURBO 1.8L 2000-ON
A4 1.6L 2000-ON
A4 2.0L 2000-2004
A6 2.0L 2001-2004
A3 3.2L 2008
GTI 2.0L 2008-2009
JETTA 2.0L 2008-2009
PASSAT 2.0L 2008-2009
TIGUAN 2.0L 2009

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Today we will focus on a particularly hard to find pulley that often seems to break. This could be due to the extra engine pressure from the diesel engine but that is not clear.

Here are some information about this Litens Decoupler Pulley

JEEP LIBERTY 2.8L L4 (Diesel) 2005-2006
JEEP LIBERTY 2.4L L4 2002-2003
JEEP WRANGLER 2.4L 2003-2006

60.1mm OD , 43.1mm L ,17mm Bore

Pulley Numbers

CHRYSLER 53013554AD, 53013554AE
NIPPONDENSO 021040-1450
TENDECO 920720

Alternator Numbers

CHRYSLER 56041578AE, 56044530AA, 56044530AB, 56044530AC, 56044672AA, 56044672AB
NIPPONDENSO 104210-4240, 104210-4241, 121000-3841, 121000-3843, 121000-3846, 121000-3850, 121000-3851

This item seems to be particularly expensive to get from dealers in Australia. The pulley is expected to last about 40-60k miles but I have heard stories of pulleys which have lasted for much much longer. Either way in all likelihood you will need to change the pulley on your Jeep at least once during the car’s lifetime.

You can find the pulley here

For a full list of Decoupler Pulleys  check out American Engines